Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why do men have nipples?

Google is a constant source of amusement for me. Not only does it help me find great hentai and anime to use in my layouts and wallpapers, but fairly often enough people have searched for something obscure or hilarious that it makes it into the recommended search entries. This has happened countless times about subjects such as the color of someone's poop, Lady Gaga's penis, why parrots puke, and something about unicorn fur that I may or may not have been responsible for. Today, while trying to show my wife that people do indeed think that Lady Gaga is a man, or at the very least hermaphrodite, I stumbled upon 'Why do men have nipples?'

Inspiration struck me.

I am a man. I should be able to answer this question. Of course I can. I have nipples! Why do I have nipples?

Scientifically, (the boring answer) I think that during creation in the womb we pretty much all have the same parts. Based on which chromosomes our parents give us, we begin developing accordingly. Since women need nipples to feed babies, we have nipples to. This same logic applies to the reason why we have a penis (to make babies) and women have a clitoris. We don't just get rid of the part because it loses its function. (Thankfully.)

Did I say we can't use them? My mistake. Check out this link from Wikipedia here to see some info about male lactation, both hormonal induced and natural causes.

Yay for science. Now why do I think we have nipples? That's easy and so much more fun. I have them so they can be pinched, pulled, nibbled, licked, sucked and anything else you can possibly do to these tender little bits. Nipples are often overlooked by men, which is truly a shame. They are pleasure centers and a well timed flick, pinch, or bite can send me right over the edge into a completely unexpected screaming orgasm.

This is by far the end all be all answer. What are your thoughts? Why do men have nipples?


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