Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Man of Many Dicks

As one might imagine, after becoming part of the sex blogging community (and sex reviewers specifically) we have acquired quite a collection of sex toys. One of the many categories we expanded to, which prior we had not a single item of the like, is harness compatible dildos. The main reason was because we didn't own a harness and really had no reason to purchase one. We ended up purchasing a harness in order to try out pegging. (We still haven't ventured into that area yet.) In addition to this, we picked up the Tantus Acute and Rascal. The Acute is a slender dildo with a gentle curve for g\p-spot stimulation. The Rascal is a short yet thick dildo, with a slight curve and lots of ripply texture.

As one who is interested and has experimented with some fisting, I found myself in a curious position. Though I do indeed do a lot of stimulation for Sarah with my fingers and hands, I couldn't help feeling a little diminished by the girth of the Rascal. It measures 1.75 inches in diameter, which is 5.5 inches around. As one of the newest, though still awkward, parts of our relationship, I shared these feelings with my wife. Even though it makes no sense (which I admitted) seeing as how I have this fascination with trying to insert my entire hand into her pussy and making her squirm, I felt intimidated by this massive dildo. I think it has to do with the fact that my fingers and hands are still a part of me, where as the toy is a separate object. After talking about these feelings however, I felt them diminish. They were replaced by the feeling I normally get when she gets a new toy... Anticipation. I want to try it with her, use it on her, make her cum.

One of the biggest advantages we immediately noticed with a harness was how natural it felt. I've been using dildos and vibrators on her for quite some time now, but I rarely find an angle that is comfortable for both me and her. Many times, we just switched toys or did without. The harness solves such issues by positioning the dildo in a natural place, anchoring it but allowing it to give and pivot with the motions of your bodies.

The first dildo we tried with our harness was the Acute. I had used it manually before and while she enjoyed it, the experience was totally on another level with the harness. This was my first experience using a harness as well. Awkward at first, those feelings quickly melted away as I became more attuned to her needs. Grinding my hips into hers, feeling the tugs on the dildo as it rocked against me and plunged between her lips. Her fingers gripping the straps and pulling me harder into her, feeling the same heat and passion, the same intense arousal as if I were using my own cock. Her breasts squeezed under my body and her lips locked on mine and I can feel her body shake as she moans in release... Yes, using a harness is so much better than just playing with a dildo. It allows you to stay connected with your partner through touch, kiss, through skin and sound.

The Acute introduced me to how enjoyable a harness could be, but I still had to overcome my hurdle. A separate night, we tried out the Rascal. We teased each other and kissed each other, giving her an opportunity to get worked up. I tested her with my fingers, rubbing her gspot gently and slowly adding pressure. Her appreciative moans let me know she was ready. Making sure there was plenty of lube on the Rascal (it's a big dildo and woah! at the texture) I slowly eased it inside her. That first initial gasp of excitement, her eyes rolling back showed me just how much she enjoyed it and how it filled her inside.

How did that make me feel? I loved it. I love seeing her enjoying herself, whether she's playing with a toy by herself or squirting all over my chest. I release a satisfied sigh of relief and kissed her breasts and neck, holding her as we worked the Rascal between us, slow and steady. The intense texture and fullness gave her a great orgasm in short order and quickly sold me on both harnesses and dildos.

I'm a pretty average guy with an average cock. I'm not concerned about my size, hell, my hands have proven much more versatile tools than my cock. I encourage men to let go of those feelings of self-doubt. I can't bend my cock in a curve or add ridges to it (without piercings that I am soooo not getting) but I can use a dildo that has a stimulating texture or a juicy little curve to it. I'm glad that we've been able to nurture our relationship so that we can find out what we both really enjoy, even if they make us a little uncomfortable at first. I would not miss any chance to make her happy... yet another lesson that communication is key in any and every aspect of a relationship.
Friday, February 12, 2010

How it lingers...

The mind works in strange ways. Things you had forgotten, had forced from your mind can come back unbidden, unprompted. It can catch you completely off guard and unbalance your entire day.

I know my own personal experience with this has been brutal. My wife and I have both had affairs and I have flashes of remembering the things she said to me and the things I did to her, in both instances. Her affair is more than three years old and I didn't really find out about it until last year. It hurt to find out the truth, hurt like nothing else I have ever experienced before in my life. Since then, memories of what went on three years ago have gradually been washed back to the surface. It's been a struggle, but after talking to her about it, it seems to have subsided. I was hesitant to talk to her about my thoughts, because I know how it feels when she talks about the things we went through during my affair.

My affair was much more recent, not even 6 months ago. We have talked about everything that happened, everything that lead to it. It's been an excruciatingly painful process for her and I have tried to help her through it as best I can. Sometimes, I simply do not know what to say. Sometimes, it catches me by surprise and I come off short. I want her to know that it's not her fault.

Excuses don't work for things like this. There is no 'because' or 'if only' or 'but' in these situations. I own my actions and am responsible for her pain. It is not something I am proud of and looking at my own morals and personal integrity I do not understand myself how I got so far offtrack.

I am thankful that she stayed. I am thankful for her standing by me and having the courage to tell me everything that happened between her and her affair. As painful as it was, it all happened for a reason. Do I regret what happened? Of course. I wish more than anything that I could take such things back. However, the experience has opened our communication (though I still struggle with this) and helped us explore our own interests both in and out of the bedroom, to the point where I feel that I know her better now than I ever have.
Sunday, February 07, 2010

On our way!

Tomorrow morning we'll be leaving for our week up north to enjoy a lengthy stay in an exquisite hotel. Today has been like the day before Christmas, I haven't been this anxious in YEARS! Besides enjoying all that NC has to offer, we'll be lavishing each other with completely uninterrupted attention the likes we have no received in some six years. We're taking all our toys, lubes, and everything!

What exactly are we taking?

We have a dufflebag slap full of our assorted novelties. The Pure Wand, the Eroscillator, the Tantus Rascal and Acute, and the Onye Fleur make up our pleasure objects.

We also have an assortment of lubes, including Pjur silicone, Pink Water and Pink silicone, what's left of our Liquid Silk, Sliquid Organics and some Babeland samples.

We have our Shunga Chocolate Body Paint, Shunga Massage Candle, some aroma therapy oils from Bath and Bodyworks and the Jimmyjame Counter M.

We're taking our bondage kit as well, the blindfold, restraints, paddle and flogger. I've added my Tenga Flip in the bag, too. It's amazing and I plan to write a review on it upon our return.

Last but not least, our Liberator Ramp and Wedge combo. We haven't had much opportunity to play on these yet and I CAN NOT WAIT to try these things out. We added a Liberator shag throe to the mix to make things easier for cleanup. =)

Even if we get snowed in and cannot go enjoy any festivities, I have a feeling we will have plenty to entertain ourselves. We may take a break to post some pictures, if your lucky maybe you'll see some skin.

Til then, happy humping!
Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why do men have nipples?

Google is a constant source of amusement for me. Not only does it help me find great hentai and anime to use in my layouts and wallpapers, but fairly often enough people have searched for something obscure or hilarious that it makes it into the recommended search entries. This has happened countless times about subjects such as the color of someone's poop, Lady Gaga's penis, why parrots puke, and something about unicorn fur that I may or may not have been responsible for. Today, while trying to show my wife that people do indeed think that Lady Gaga is a man, or at the very least hermaphrodite, I stumbled upon 'Why do men have nipples?'

Inspiration struck me.

I am a man. I should be able to answer this question. Of course I can. I have nipples! Why do I have nipples?

Scientifically, (the boring answer) I think that during creation in the womb we pretty much all have the same parts. Based on which chromosomes our parents give us, we begin developing accordingly. Since women need nipples to feed babies, we have nipples to. This same logic applies to the reason why we have a penis (to make babies) and women have a clitoris. We don't just get rid of the part because it loses its function. (Thankfully.)

Did I say we can't use them? My mistake. Check out this link from Wikipedia here to see some info about male lactation, both hormonal induced and natural causes.

Yay for science. Now why do I think we have nipples? That's easy and so much more fun. I have them so they can be pinched, pulled, nibbled, licked, sucked and anything else you can possibly do to these tender little bits. Nipples are often overlooked by men, which is truly a shame. They are pleasure centers and a well timed flick, pinch, or bite can send me right over the edge into a completely unexpected screaming orgasm.

This is by far the end all be all answer. What are your thoughts? Why do men have nipples?
Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is a kiss?

Talking without words. Telling your lover how you feel, how much you need them, want them, crave them. A connection so intense you don't want to let go. All of the above and anything else. 

I love kissing. Whether it is a soft, tender kiss or a deep, passionate embrace nothing gets me roused like kissing. When my wife and I were first dating (some 8 years ago) I was pretty nervous. I knew early on that I was falling for her. I could talk to her for hours on the phone, which rarely happened for me. It was so easy. My past girlfriends had been based mostly on a physical attraction and I had little really in common with them. It was so refreshing and exciting to find someone I could talk to without having to reword or paraphrase myself. Her intelligence and wit were stimulating and her sarcasm made me laugh. With all this chemistry, I was hesitant to rush into things and risk messing up my chance with her.

It was our third date and I hadn't kissed her yet. She was probably thinking I was gay by this time, because she had been sending me some pretty strong signals. We were sitting in my car and had been talking for a while before she went inside. It was getting late but she kept hesitating. Finally, I took a deep breath and kissed her.

Every first kiss is a new experience. This was the most passionate kiss of my life. I have no idea how long we stayed there, wrapped in each others arms. My body was on fire and I didn't want to let go of her to come up for air. This was a turning point for us as we soon became inseparable and hardly able to keep our hands off each other.

Kissing is still just as thrilling for me and one of the most intimate acts of love. The soft curve of her lips, her warm breath on my skin, the slow caress of her tongue... it can be both gentle and needy or passionate and frantic. She can tease me with a lick or devour me with her lips. The kiss can set the mood for the entire night. It can tease you before a night out of things to come or add the last bit of comfort after a night of passion. It's both as passionate and graceful as dance, when my hands caress her face during a soft embrace or my fingers dig into her thighs in a steamy session.

I enjoy other kinds of foreplay, anything from spanking, masturbation, watching porn\hentai or just about anything else; but to me, kissing will always be the ultimate in foreplay.
Monday, February 01, 2010


I haven't been very active this past week. Work has been busy and I just haven't had the time. My free time has been devoured by making plans for next week's vacation and spending time with my family.

I'll try to put out another wallpaper before my vacation and I have an idea for a couple of blogs I plan on writing.

Oh, some pretty awesome news. My first article, called Hindsight, was published on Eden Cafe. I love writing and this is a great outlet for me. I submitted my second article today, hopefully it'll see print soon as well.

In the bedroom, we've begun mastering the Pure Wand. I gave her the first of hopefully many rather intense orgasms with it a few nights ago. I was so intent on watching her face and checking on her that I completely missed her squirting. We still haven't quite got it down but I know more of what motions she likes, so it is only a matter of time.

In mundane news, I finished the prologue to my novel and have about four chapters outlined. The story is flowing pretty well and I am psyched about how easy some of the characters are developing in my head. I'm not trying to rush this project. It's my first book and it will take as long as it takes. I want it perfect.

We've got a lot going on this week, but I'll try to get some things up before we leave for our trip.

Til then, happy humping!