Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is a kiss?

Talking without words. Telling your lover how you feel, how much you need them, want them, crave them. A connection so intense you don't want to let go. All of the above and anything else. 

I love kissing. Whether it is a soft, tender kiss or a deep, passionate embrace nothing gets me roused like kissing. When my wife and I were first dating (some 8 years ago) I was pretty nervous. I knew early on that I was falling for her. I could talk to her for hours on the phone, which rarely happened for me. It was so easy. My past girlfriends had been based mostly on a physical attraction and I had little really in common with them. It was so refreshing and exciting to find someone I could talk to without having to reword or paraphrase myself. Her intelligence and wit were stimulating and her sarcasm made me laugh. With all this chemistry, I was hesitant to rush into things and risk messing up my chance with her.

It was our third date and I hadn't kissed her yet. She was probably thinking I was gay by this time, because she had been sending me some pretty strong signals. We were sitting in my car and had been talking for a while before she went inside. It was getting late but she kept hesitating. Finally, I took a deep breath and kissed her.

Every first kiss is a new experience. This was the most passionate kiss of my life. I have no idea how long we stayed there, wrapped in each others arms. My body was on fire and I didn't want to let go of her to come up for air. This was a turning point for us as we soon became inseparable and hardly able to keep our hands off each other.

Kissing is still just as thrilling for me and one of the most intimate acts of love. The soft curve of her lips, her warm breath on my skin, the slow caress of her tongue... it can be both gentle and needy or passionate and frantic. She can tease me with a lick or devour me with her lips. The kiss can set the mood for the entire night. It can tease you before a night out of things to come or add the last bit of comfort after a night of passion. It's both as passionate and graceful as dance, when my hands caress her face during a soft embrace or my fingers dig into her thighs in a steamy session.

I enjoy other kinds of foreplay, anything from spanking, masturbation, watching porn\hentai or just about anything else; but to me, kissing will always be the ultimate in foreplay.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

This is a great post. I, too, love kissing, and I don't think there's anything better than a perfect kiss that makes you weak in the knees. You can tell a lot about your future with someone based on a kiss.

sarahbear said...

I love kissing you too. Reading about how you felt is such a great reminder of the anticipation of that night.

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