Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's in your Erotica?

I was reading through some free submission erotica on a few websites recently and I discovered something. I really kind of hate erotica plot. Most of the erotica I have written are short scenes that give you the briefest of backgrounds so you know just what's going on before things start heating up, as shown in my most recent post The Sitter. However, I'm interested and looking forward to writing longer stories, at least a full-length short story or novella. To do so, your story can't be all sex (unless its merely a series of short shorts) and must have some plot holding it together.

I'm going to do some more perusing, but thus far I have come across mind-jarring dialogue such as...

“What doest thou mean to do with me, defile me? I only wish to be taken to York, for I have an uncle there. He will pay you if thou help me, but not if thou savage me.”

I realize this is akin to me disliking a porn for its script, however, when I read something I expect more... Not being a published author of any kind, I don't have much room to talk but for my personal preference. However, if I ever write something like this... someone... please tell me.

Do you like plot in your porn? In your erotica? Can you stomach badly written or scripted material?

The story I intend to write should be just as engrossing as a creative work as it is as a sexual work. I guess that's my point in this rant. I need sleep.


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