Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sitter

"Welcome back, Mrs. Jones. Did you guys have fun?" Claudia finished washing the few dishes from supper as the couple came in the door.

"Oh, it was all right. Too much blood and gore for me. I picked the restaurant so David chose the movie. The lobster was worth the explosions." Mrs. Jones was in her thirties, a plump woman with dark brown hair. Her green eyes sparkled as she laughed.

"The explosions were worth the lobster, you mean. Swarm is definitely worth seeing. You should check it out." Mr. Jones came in shaking water from his black umbrella. He was barely older than his wife, though he had flecks of silver in his short black hair and goatee.

Claudia bid goodnight to the Jones' as they settled in for the evening. The three kids were already tucked in and snoozing soundly upstairs. They always paid her upfront so there was really no use in lingering around. Of her clients, this couple was her favorite to babysit for. They paid well, their house was nice and they didn't stay out all night. She still had time to go home and study or watch some television before bed. She slipped out the door into the cool rain.

The slow drizzle turned into a downpour as she approached her car, the fat drops plastering her short auburn hair to her face and soaking through her t-shirt. The wet fabric clung to her skin, hugging her breasts. She had forgotten her bra in the rush to class this morning and her nipples were poking through her shirt. She finally reached her car, scrambling for the keys to get a reprieve from the weather.

Shit! I left the keys on the counter in the kitchen.

She ran as fast as she dared across the slick grass and dashed inside without knocking. The storm increased its assault, the rain coming down in sheets as she shut the door. She walked into the kitchen, retrieving the keys and peeking out the window. She couldn't see more than a few feet outside before her vision was blinded by the curtain of rainfall. Claudia sighed and retrieved a towel from the laundry room, drying her hair and body as best she could while she waited for the storm to ebb. She let her mind wander as she stared out at the rain.


The sharp sound of a slap startled Claudia out of her daze. A muffled cry came from the Jones' bedroom. Her hands stopped toweling her hair as she eased forward, nerves on end. She shouldn't be doing this. It was none of her business, but she couldn't stop herself. She had to at least check on Mrs. Jones before she left. If things were bad, she'd leave and call the police. Claudia eased up to the bedroom door and cracked it open to peek inside.

Mrs. Jones was naked, lashed to their giant bed with leather straps. She was on her knees, her ass in the air. She was a full figured woman, her hips curvaceous and her breasts large and beautiful. Her husband knelt behind her, stripped down to his waist. His chest was smooth and tanned by the sun. His dark brown eyes had a hungry look in them and he drank up the vision of his lover before him, his hands tracing the curve of her hips. He walked his fingers slowly up the small of her back, her ass arching towards him at the touch. Claudia felt her face heat at catching the couple in such an intimate way.


A black leather paddle slapped against her ass, making a crisp sound as it marked her flesh with a pink flourish. A soft moan escaped her lips and she bit the bottom one as she savored the flash of pleasure. Mr. Jones tickled and teased down her back, letting the soft tassels hanging from the handle of his paddle caress her silky skin. He let them drop between her thighs and gently swung them against her lips. She let out a sigh as they brushed against her pussy.


The leather kissed her on her thigh and her whole body shivered at its touch. Mrs. Jones wiggled her ass and rubbed her pussy against her husband.

"How long are you going to make me wait?"

His answer came in the form of another stinging blow. Mrs. Jones' face flushed with pleasure as another moan left her lips. Crack! She shivered under the wave of sensations, that perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. Crack! He was swinging harder, she was moaning louder. Crack! Her ass and thighs were splotchy from the bite of leather, her legs shaking from excitement and bliss.

Claudia slid to her knees as she watched the lovers engaged, her own cheeks flushed as her hands slid under her skirt between her wet thighs, pulling her drenched panties aside so her eager fingers could find her swollen clit. She bit her cheek to hold in the sound as she ground herself against her hand, holding herself up with the other hand as she peeked in at the couple. She closed her eyes as she massaged herself, squeezing her lips and rubbing her cunt, her hand slick with her own hot juices. A gasp slipped out as she stroked hard against her throbbing clit and her eyes popped open in surprise.

The Jones' were too engaged to notice. Mr. Jones was gripping the seductive curve of his wife's hips, pulling her ass into his thrusts. Her cunt was soaked, even from across the room Claudia could hear the wet sounds of passion as he fucked her from behind. Mrs. Jones tore at the sheets with her hands and moaned as she arched into his plunging hips, her ass slapping against his thighs. Claudia sat back against the wall and spread her thighs, leaning her head against the door jam as she fingered herself. She arched her hips against her hands, fingers working furiously. Stroke and rub, grind and tug, slip in and out of that dripping wet cunt.

"I'm coming! Ohh, fuck me David!" The low, blissful moan that followed sent Claudia over the edge. She was too shaken by her own orgasm to hear Mr. Jones deep moans of ecstasy. It just kept coming and coming, wave after wave washing over her and sweeping her away. Her hands moved by themselves, she couldn't stop herself if she tried. Finally, she drifted down back to reality, her hands slick and wet, still massaging her pussy in front of her client's door. She blinked her eyes open and peeked back into the bedroom.

Oh hell! He's coming this way!

Mr. Jones was coming towards her! She clambered to her feet and rushed out the door, not bothering to even shut it on the way out. She didn't know if they had seen her, but she knew that would be the last time she saw them.


Anonymous said...

It's always fun to think about what other couples do behind closed doors - great story!

Phallicity said...

Glad you liked it =) Sorry for the belated response, apparently my notifications were not... notifying. =p

Maria said...

I was googling sitter stories and found yours..this is pretty hot. This is more along the lines of the sort of thing that didn;t 'quite' happen while I was sitting but I kept expecting to. (Not the S&M so much as the awareness of my employers sexual enthusiasm.) :)

I'd like to quote this in my new blog..may I?

Phallicity said...

Sure, just give me a link back to the story if you would be so kind. =)

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