Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tenga, Tenga, Tenga!

(Imagine that title chanted to a beat for the full effect)

Seems like every time I review something, it's for my wife's blog. I'll have to get some stuff on my own to review so I can get more credibility on my own site, jeez. Anyway, to the topic at hand! I'm a huge fan of self-lovin. I've been doing it ever since my balls dropped, hell probably before. That first experience was life changing. It has been my most consistent habit and vice, a constant source of joy and stress relief.

Ironically, after I'm married to a woman who can satisfy every need, every want, every desire I have... I am introduced to the world of masturbation sleeves... and in the world of male masturbation, Tenga is king. I'm a huge fan of this company and their products. I've tried several varieties and even modified some of them to be more enjoyable for my own personal tastes.

First is the Tenga Egg - the version I received was the Twister. It's a soft silicone cup with textured insides. It's easy to use, easy to clean. All you do is fill it up with lube and slide it over your cock. What you do, how you do it is up to you. Everyone has their own technique, whether its a standard up and down motion, squeezing and pulling, rubbing the tip or whatever! This particular egg is designed to add a stimulating sensation when spun around your cock. I found it worked best by putting your palms on the cup and rubbing them back and forth as if you were to try to start a fire with your penis. The swirling ridges inside the cup feel amazing. It's reusable as long as the material holds out and is fairly durable. It has a LOT of stretch to it so I'm sure it will fit most any guy, not matter how big they think they are.

Next is the Tenga Double Hole. This little treat is a great for someone who wants to try out some of the more advanced technologies from Tenga, without splurging for the Tenga Flip. It features two entry points to two completely separate sleeves which have unique textures, ridges and bumps to rock your world. It's a pre-lubricated toy and is meant for single use only. The variance in texture and tightness is noticeable and very enjoyable and by removing the liner from the cup itself, it can be reused as long as its maintained and cleaned.

Last but ohhh not least! The Tenga Flip Hole! This badass little toy that looks like a gadget out of Star Wars is definitely the next step in masturbation for men. It features some of the most intriguing and stimulating textures of any masturbater I have seen, it's reusable, easy to clean, and probably the most awesome thing is that it allows you to enhance and change your experience by squeezing on different parts of the toy, adding more pressure and suction to your eager cock. It's got a cool design and at a glance does not even look like a sex toy. Well worth the money for any fan of self-love.

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Enjoy guys and happy humping!


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