Monday, January 18, 2010

Spanking Good!

One of the more exciting things to enter our bedroom has been a leather paddle. Of all the toys we've reviewed so far, I personally got the most enjoyment from this one shiny, red article. We warmed up to this point kind of slowly. She used the paddle on me first, which was a good idea. In that past, it was rare that she took a more dominant role during sex. It has always been a huge turn on for me when she does.

We incorporated the whole Kink Set we received from Babeland. Wrists bound by supple leather cuffs, my eyes closed by the stylishly comfy blindfold, she had me at her whim. The most intoxicating part of it for me was the anticipation. The build up of tension as you prepare for the next strike, the quick flash of pain.. the rush of pleasure as your skin tingles, sending a shiver up your spine. She never hit me too hard and I never knew when or where the next slap might come. Having her tease and tempt me was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

We took a break after that night and oh how I itched to get my turn. I think she was nervous about it, but it took us about a week to get back in the mood for that kind of play again. I admired her in the red leather, the sharp contrast against her pale skin was striking and beautiful. I teased her, sliding the paddle against her skin so she could feel the smooth leather.. then a quick flick of the wrist. That sound! A crisp slap, her body arching slightly under the blow. I check to see if she's okay since this is her first time feeling this (and my first time performing as well). Another one, harder, full on the curve of her ass. A low moan issues forth and I am fully aroused. I treat her to the same experiences she showed me and let her indulge in the tingly sensations spreading across her flesh. It was a great night.

I'm looking forward to advancing further down this road. Some additional restraints, a flogger, maybe some different materials and textures. Anyone looking to endeavor into any kind of restraint or pain fetish should observe the basic tenants of safety. Never do anything your partner is not comfortable with and be clear and concise on what that is; communication is very key to making this experience enjoyable to both parties.

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sarahbear said...

There is something incredibly sexy about reading what went on in your head when we were using those toys.

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