Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journey to the G-Spot

Over the past few months, my wife and I have been on a journey of discovery with each other. Imagine you were making love for the first time again. That’s what it felt like for us. It was an amazing time for us and we made the most of it. We spent nights in each other’s arms, talking, kissing, exploring. We talked about what we liked, what turned us on, everything. It was exciting for her to finally be able to open up to me like that.

One of the things we both had an interest in was finding her g-spot. Thus began about a month long journey of research: reading articles, watching videos, and buying different toys. All of the information was helpful in some way, though somewhat repetitive. For those unfamiliar with this, I’ll do a little recap here of some key points. I’ll also describe my own experiences with this, as it is most definitely a trial and error process.

Tips for G-Spot Massage by Hand
1) Keep nails clean, trimmed, and filed. Nothing will turn off a good feeling like a jagged nail in the twat!
2) Don’t jump right to it! Not only is it easier to feel, it feels better if you’re aroused.
3) Use lube. I prefer water-based for this and silicone for sex. It’s all preference, but you want a good thick lube that has some staying power.
4) The classic form is to gesture a “come here” motion inside of her. I would recommend doing this and stopping when you reach the pelvic wall. Some may find this spot further inside or less so… It varies from person to person. Apply slow and steady pressure and listen to your partner. It should feel good and
may give her the sensation she has to pee. This is *completely* normal. Trust me, it is not pee. The biggest hurdle we found was getting her to relax since that feeling prompts and instinct to do the opposite.
5) Once you have identified this spot, play around with it. Apply pressure, slow at first, then harder. Rub in small circles.. Back and forth.. Up and down. Watch your partner and see what she likes. I’ve found slow and deep pressure to be the way to go. I also recommend imagining you are tapping on that inner wall. Increase the speed, pressure and\or number of fingers as desired.

We originally started experimenting with her lying on her back. We had her legs propped up with pillows to the side so she could completely relax. I started using that classic method with two fingers, slipping them slowly inside her wet lips and stroking her inside, pressing softly on the warm muscle inside. I stroked in small circles to cover more area and it wasn’t long before she felt that apprehensive sensation of having to use the bathroom… So we stopped and she did. We continued. This went on for a week or so and as she got use to that sensation she was able to relax more.

One night, we’re trying to do this again using the same method. This time I was just applying pressure to her g-spot, slowly pulling my fingers back towards me and increasing the pressure with each pull. I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as she voiced her pleasure. Her moans were beautiful and it took a lot of control not to lose my concentration and keep my rhythm. That’s when it happened.

I kept it up and soon I felt her swelling inside, the muscles and glands contracting and filling so that I felt pressure on the top of my knuckles. I flicked my fingers back, pressing against her and truly making a vigorous “come here” motion. Her voice cracked and her legs shook as a small amount of clear liquid squirted all over the bed. Such a small amount, but such a huge victory for us.

We then made it a goal each night to press onward, determined to see this through. Finally one night, we tried this same technique with her in a doggie style position. One of the biggest issues we faced with her lying on her back was that the motions I need to make with my fingers were hard to maintain, especially with her pussy clamping down like it did. I started the same way I had before, but it was easier this time. I worked her up and I could tell by the way she felt inside she was getting close to an orgasm, but my fingers were still tiring. I curled my fingers around to rub her g-spot and slid them out, then in, like a dildo, but way better. I was in control and could add more pressure or curve as needed.

She bit the pillow, sheets balled up in her hands, her moans loud even through the fabric. I add a third finger and her pleasure intensifies. I add more pressure and she is on the edge of bliss. I stop thrusting and flick my fingers back and forth, feeling her pussy clenching around my digits. Her voice drops an octave as she comes all over me, her warm juices spraying across my chest and dripping down my arm. I am hooked. I have never been more turned on giving her pleasure than at that moment and the sight, sound, and feel of her climaxing was amazing.

We have enjoyed numerous sessions since that night and it remains one of my favorite things to do in the bedroom. We have purchased several toys to use for g-spot play, but none have been able to bring her to the edge the way I can. I kind of like it that way, to be honest. =)

Any of you exploring this area, I have one word for you: patience. It may take you some time to learn what gets you off, but it is most definitely worth it.


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