Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tantus Big Flirt Plug

I've been exploring various anal toys for a while now, from plugs to beads to pegging. While I have yet to find anything I truly love, I've been pleased with the experience and keep looking for more ways to add and enhance this experience. I was offered the Big Flirt for review by the wonderful folks at Babeland and had to take them up on their offer. I already had some experience with smaller plugs and this was just the thing to move me up a notch.

It arrived in its plastic Tantus box, folded neatly together and inisde a clear clamshell. I got the black one though it also comes in purple and orange. Like all Tantus products, the Flirt is made of 100% premium silicone. It has a glossy finish and a smooth surface for easy entry. It's firm but pliable and moderately squishy. It's just shy of 5 1/2 inches long, with 4 1/2 inches insertable. The Flirt is 2 3/8 inches at insertion and widens to a nice 4 inch circumference at it's widest point. Made from such high quality silicone, this toy can be cleaned easily with toy cleaner, a mild soap, boiling, or bleaching.

My only other plug, the Bootie, is significantly smaller and can be worn during sex or daily activities. This is not the case with the Flirt. Though it has an appropriately flared base to keep it from being swallowed by your hungry rectum, it is not only hard to keep in, it is a bit uncomfortable to wear when fully inserted due to the round base. However, during use this toy performs very well, the smooth silicone glides in easily and slowly relaxes and stretches you out, giving you some nice sensations as well as preparing you for more and\or larger toys.

One of my favorite tricks to do with butt plugs is to apply a vibrator to the base for added pleasure and since my wife recently acquired a Mystic Wand, that is what I used. The silicone conducts the vibes well, though the tip is small and has no curve to get those feelings where I want them. It does feel ah-mazing as it pulses through the base, though.

I was pleased with this butt plug and plan on using it more in the future so we can experiment more with pegging and see how we both enjoy that. I would recommend this for anyone looking for something a little larger than a starter plug or if you want to jump right in, it could be used as a beginner's toy. Just be patient, go slow and if you don't want it all, don't use it all.

If this interests you or you're looking for something else, check out the great selection of toys over at Babeland!


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